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26 February 2016 – An Installer’s Dream?

TICA’s Apprentice John Francis gives us an update on a working week at Gads Insulation Services in Gateshead…

“I spent the first part of the week in the workshop, working with metal.  It was great, like being back at the training centre.  I learned how to put the clips on the flange boxes properly, and was shown different ways to fix together elbows.  It’s good when someone is able to take the time and really help me improve my skills, I appreciate it.  I also spent some time working on my own to finish off the flange boxes, and then cleaning up the workshop.

Midweek I went off to Metrovicks and fitted armaflex to pipework in a tiny cupboard; part of a job Gads are doing at Newcastle University’s student accommodation.  My training officer, Colin came out to see me.  He’s suggested I type out my learner records as my handwriting isn’t the best, so I’m going to be giving that a go.  Next I spent the day between two sites just a few hundred yards apart from each other at the uni, lagging existing pipes.  We’re doing this because the pipes are in old rooms which are boiling hot and it’s just too warm.  This part of the building is for nautical engineering where they look at a boat’s design and how it moves through water.

This week’s been a bit mixed, both in terms of how I’ve got on with the people I have been working with, and the kind of jobs we’ve been doing.  Some of it’s been a lagger’s dream; straight pipes running the length of the room, but sometimes a nightmare; having to squeeze past waste pipes to get into a cupboard where I couldn’t even turn my head!  All this is great learning and helps you find ways to overcome the problem, or make the best out of the situation.”

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