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ACAD has been flooded with positive feedback on our initial report published the Asbestos sectors first ever benchmark values for a range of activities.

ACAD, a not for profit Trade Association in the Asbestos sector, gathered PM data from a variety of licence holders from across the sector and published our initial report at the start of the summer. Almost immediately it has helped LARC’s across the sector in many different ways.

Originally envisaged as a method whereby a LARC could compare their internal exposure values against an industry benchmark, it has already found several different uses by ACAD members.

Some have used it to set targets internally to further reduce their exposure values, others have been able to demonstrate just how controlled their work.  In at least one case it has also been used to satisfy an enquiry form an EHO who felt a fibre reading was elevated whereas in fact they were operating at less than half the industry average for that activity.

All LARCs are encouraged to share their anonymous PM data with ACAD to support future publications of these benchmark figures.  ACAD will maintain these into the future to identify any trends and also to look more deeply into the data set which is already suggesting some interesting conclusions that are different to perceived norms.  More in depth analysis will be available at the next round of ACAD regionals in the Autumn.

To get involved or to find out more about the benchmark values simply get in touch with ACAD.


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