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11 March 2016 – A week in the life …

TICA apprentice, John Francis is nearing the end of his placement with Gads in Gateshead. Here’s his latest blog…

“I’ve been working in Newcastle, at part of the university. On this job I was completing pipework in the ceiling which was a bit of a tight squeeze. I also put my PASMA to work as I had to erect and dismantle the scaffolding properly for one of my workmates.

Next up was a new build for some old people’s accommodation. I spent my time ducting and doing pipework, this was a challenge as the ducts were different sizes and shapes which meant I really had to concentrate on what I was doing, and how I was doing it, and it also meant I was learning as I went along.

I’ve also been labouring for one of the older members of the team. This involved measuring and cutting to size. There was a lot of time watching, but I still feel I can learn through watching other people. I also identified the pipe work and ducts that had previously been identified wrongly.

At the end of last week I was on a job which is behind schedule. There is a lot of waiting for other people to do their work so we can get started. I’ve been helping with ducting, although some of this is in very hard to reach areas – just like some of the pipework. The ceiling is already fitted, so having to fit in-between is sometimes very difficult. Some of the boiler room pipework is also very intricate and time consuming.

Overall throughout the week there has a mixture of work, some things were especially difficult as I’d never done them before, but through being taught and learning ways which suit me I will continue to improve.”

John’s made a good impression at Gads. Boss Stevie Wales reports, “He’s always polite, never late and has a very good attitude.” John – you’ll go far!

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