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ACAD members continue to benefit from site audits during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to video call technology, pioneered by the HSE.

As Covid-19 arrived in the UK ACAD reviewed our services and initially decided to pause our in-depth site audit programme but we soon learned of the brilliant idea introduced by HSE to allow them to continue their inspections.

The first step is a desktop review of the Risk Assessment and Plan of Work followed by a focussed video call to the site supervisor who walks us round the site following our direction cues to leave no stone unturned.

This exciting application of technology means we can safely audit projects throughout the UK during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  The only requirement being a decent level of connectivity for the site supervisor’s smartphone.

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager commented “We tested the remote site audit approach on a number of our members and were pleased with the results we obtained.  Whilst one had to be abandoned due to lack of signal from site, all others have worked perfectly offering us full access to our members sites whilst eliminating the hazard posed by Covid-19.”

To book your ACAD site audit simply get in touch via email telling us when you would like this to take place.




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