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The Right Honourable Alok Sharma MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has issued a letter to UK Construction recognising the positive work we are all doing as a fundamental part of the UK economy.

The Secretary of State for BEIS goes on to remind everyone that the construction sector remains open during this latest lockdown.  Construction workers are able to travel to undertake their work whilst following the CLC’s Site Operating Procedures v6, the enforcement of which is a priority for HSE.  To help support the implementation of Covid-19 guidance on site, CITB have produced a free training course that helps focus the mind on what should be done on-site.

BEIS and the Secretary of State continue to maintain regular contact with industry leaders including Build UK of which TICA & ACAD memberships have really allowed us to be at the forefront of Covid-19 information provision to our growing memberships throughout 2020.  As we approach year end, members can be assured TICA-ACAD will continue working to support you with the latest advice and information, and represent you at the highest of levels.

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