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Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic many Skill Card applicants are experiencing difficulty obtaining the relevant CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test.

It is currently a key requirement for all applications (new or renewal) that the applicant has passed this within the last 2 years. Those new to the industry may be unable to apply for cards as they cannot sit the test. Also the number of expired cards circulating in the industry will increase as existing card holders cannot renew their cards without resitting the test. This could lead to Thermal Insulation and Asbestos workers being turned away from site as they do not hold a valid Skill Card

What steps are TICA-ACAD taking?

In recognition that COVID-19 will prevent some construction workers from meeting CSCS’s card application requirements, we are asking the industry to support the following temporary measures:

Expired Card Acceptance

Requesting employers and those responsible for site access and card checking procedures to use their discretion towards workers whose cards have expired since mid-March 2020 onwards and who can provide evidence that they have been unable to sit their test or undertake the required training as a result of the closure of Test/Training centres.

This is at the employer’s discretion until the situation has stabilised.

Renewal Grace Period

TICA-ACAD has introduced a grace period of 6 months for card renewals after the card expiry date. This means that the card can be renewed, once the CITB HS&E test has been passed, up to six months from the card’s original expiry date.

This will assist those applicants struggling to find availability to sit the test and renew their card.

New Applicants

First time applicants including apprentices and trained workers are likely to struggle to obtain their HS&E element of their application. TICA-ACAD is looking at temporary options to facilitate the issuing of cards to this important part of our industries and will update this site shortly.

We are in unprecedented times. Employers should expect their workers to hold a valid Skill Card as proof of their training and qualifications. However, until COVID-19 is brought under control we are asking the industry to support these temporary measures.

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