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There are now 20 organisations using the Common Assessment Standard as the industry comes together to reduce the duplication and cost involved in pre‐qualification (PQ). Tilbury Douglas and VINCI Construction UK are the latest Build UK members to join the growing list using the Common Assessment Standard, and members of the supply chain can obtain certification from any one of three Recognised Assessment Bodies ‐ AchillesCHAS or Constructionline.The Common Assessment Standard, which is endorsed by the CLC, has two levels of certification ‐ desktop and site‐based ‐ and companies should apply for the appropriate level depending on their trade, size and the requirements of their clients.
Because all three Assessment Bodies ask the same questions, contractors can obtain the Common Assessment Standard from any one of them.
Common Assessment Standard – v3.0

The Common Assessment Standard is reviewed every year to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date. The dedicated Common Assessment Standard Review Group, comprised of representatives from across Build UK members and the wider industry, has agreed a list of changes which have been confirmed by the Interim Cross Industry Body, and the Common Assessment Standard ‐ Version 3.0 will be published on 31 March 2022.

The revised version will include a number of updates to the question set to reflect the latest industry requirements, with new questions on sustainability, diversity and cyber security, as well as a revised section on Information Management in line with the updated IPA mandate.

Recognised Assessment Bodies

Recognised Assessment Bodies for the Common Assessment Standard are reviewed every year against the Criteria for Recognised Assessment Bodies to ensure their competency. Achilles, CHAS and Constructionline have all successfully completed this process for another 12 months, meaning suppliers can continue to obtain the Common Assessment Standard from any one of them.

Any review of assessment bodies is undertaken by the dedicated PQ Assessment Panel and we are looking for additional members with knowledge and experience of business and quality management systems, auditing and/or supply chain management to join the panel. If you or a colleague are interested in supporting this process, please contact



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