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2 December 2016 – After my time in London

After my time in London I’ve moved on to a job in Leeds’ Central Square, with Phil Glover – a long standing Miller employee. The job was in the basement of a swanky new hi-tech building.

The metal job in the boiler room had its difficulties as there was work in there that I hadn’t done much of, especially on this scale.

This job included lagging and cladding huge tanks in a way of which I’d not done before. The tanks were measured and made by an external company and when they came it was very difficult to decipher how they had been made and how to put them together. In the end we worked it out and the results were good.

The tanks were made in a way that was unusual and made to fit the way they did. There were tanks that were 5 meters plus in height.  Having to climb around the top, fixed with a harness fixing the metal sheets to the tank wasn’t without its challenges.  There were tight spaces to climb in and out of – something I revel in the challenge of doing.

Along with the tanks there was also metal pipe work something which I enjoy doing and have done bits of in the past.

I think the things I have learnt and the perseverance it took to get the job done will help me in the future.

Overall, I’m enjoying the work here.  It’s in a city I am comfortable in, and the work is close to where I’m staying so that’s a bonus! I am also enjoying the different jobs in different parts of the country with the different people.

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