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This latest lockdown has a significant difference from the first lockdown in that Scottish Construction has been explicitly told to continue at this time including essential work within people’s homes.
The CICV Forum ( continues to liaise with Construction Scotland and the Scottish Government through the Construction Leadership Forum regarding Covid 19 restrictions.  At a recent meeting, the Cabinet Secretary played tribute to the work the Scottish construction industry had done to mitigate spread of the virus.  Several points were highlighted for the industry, as it will undoubtedly be under the spotlight as it will be one of the few which is continuing to operate in Scotland.
The issues which were identified as actions were:

  • Highlighting the importance of physical distancing when:
    • travelling to and from sites:
    • using site canteens and local shops/cafes (Rule moving distancing of 1m to 2m will become law)
  •  Behaviour out with the workplace
    • Posters to promote behaviour out with the workplace can be downloaded at:

CICV Forum Pub Campaign_A3_v1.indd (
CICV Forum Pub Campaign_A3_v1.indd (

  • Use of appropriate face masks
    • Poster to assist you can be downloaded at:

 CICV Facemask Poster.indd (

  • Guidance can be viewed at:

Forum mask campaign urges greater safety during lockdown – CICV Forum

Site Operating Procedures is available via the Construction Scotland website at:
cs-sog-28-05-20-2.pdf (

Construction Operating Guidance is available at:
CICV-SOP-Guidance-Book-v5-121120.pdf (

Key Worker
There were reports of some in construction receiving negative feedback in person and on social media when continuing to provide an essential service during the last lockdown.  The Scottish Government has made it clear that certain elements of construction can continue during the current lockdown but there is a poster which you can use to inform the public that you are carrying out essential work which can be downloaded at:
Key-worker-infographic-v2-290420.pdf (

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