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More and more ACAD members are utilising the remote training solution ACAD is using to deliver Licensed Asbestos refresher training to support our members during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We caught up with Graham Warren, ACAD Manager, to find out more.


Why did ACAD decide to offer remote refresher training?

ACAD has been delivering Licensed refresher training this way for a number of years in particular to support people in remoter parts of the UK or who could not attend a traditional course for some reason so it was an obvious solution to help support our members during this difficult time.

Wouldn’t it be easier to wait until everyone is back to work and then go on your training?

That approach will create a surge and therefore bottlenecks in the system that will cause more downtime…once this is behind us we all need to be doing everything we can to get our productivity level as high as possible, obtaining your training during this downtime means when you do start up again you don’t have any further stoppage.

Many companies have furloughed their workers, are they allowed to receive training?

Yes.  UK Government is really clear around this, they are positively encouraging training during this time as they recognise the impact of further downtime to the economy once we get through Covid-19.  Their current guidance states:

“Furloughed employees should be encouraged to undertake training.”

When are courses being ran?

ACAD is offering the full range of refreshers every working day:

  • Operative Refresher
  • Supervisor Refresher
  • Manager Refresher
  • Non-Licensed Refresher

And ACAD has reduced the cost for remote training?

Yes we have.  The UK is facing an unprecedented situation and we all need to be doing our best to help one another get through this.  Reducing the fees we charge our members for this important aspect of Licensed asbestos was obvious to ACAD.

Do delegates need any special equipment?

The current pandemic has really pushed society to embrace the technology that is all around us but have never been fully embraced.  The systems ACAD use require a laptop or PC with internet connection and a telephone.  If you have a headset then that’s even better, lots of households already have these for online gaming (ask the kids).

How do we find out more?

To find out more get in touch with ACAD via or call us on 07787 507 215.

How do I book?

ACAD likes to make things easy for our members, all we need to know is who needs what and when they need it.  We’ve introduced a streamlined booking form to make this even easier that you can download here.


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