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ACAD members continue to benefit from NVQ assessments during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to cutting edge NVQ assessing technology.

ACAD, and those organisations linked to the NVQ centres for the Asbestos industry, are able to continue to undertake NVQ assessments thanks to the cutting-edge technology we utilise.

ACAD’s investment in the latest assessing technology has meant our members who are able to work safely in accordance with the new CLC Site Operating Procedures can continue their NVQ journey.

The system allows for the capture of video evidence directly from site by supervisors or managers demonstrating the competence of their workers.  Live video feed to assessors supported by questioning of candidates is also being used to ensure NVQ assessment can continue.

To book an NVQ at L2 for an operative, at L3 for a Supervisor or at L4 for a Contracts Manager get in touch via email with ACAD.




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