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HSE have written to all licence holders to inform them of a major evolution to the licensing regime.  If your HSE licence expires on or after 1 April 2019 then you could receive your new licence or even be refused one outright, without HSE coming out to meet you.

From 1 December 2018 renewal applications will be made electronically and the evidence to support those applications will be emailed, and in later implementation stages uploaded, to HSE at the same time.  There will also be a more detailed application form to support this.

ALU will assess applications using the supporting evidence sent to ALU by the applicant along with their experience of the applicant’s performance from site inspections.  A licensing decision will be made based on that information.

There are 3 outcomes from this:

1.    HSE grants a licence;

2.    If there is insufficient evidence in a limited number of areas, HSE will contact the applicant and carry out a targeted assessment meeting to look in detail at those elements.  The additional information will then be reviewed to make a final decision on the licence application;

3.    If there is clearly insufficient evidence sent electronically the application may be refused outright.

ALU will continue to write to licensees four months before the expiry date, as it currently does, and invite a renewal application.  At that point applicants will be given details and guidance on what to do. New applicants will not be affected at this stage of the phased implementation of this new system.

ACAD has successfully delivered Pre Licence Renewal Assessments to our members for over 5 years now and are looking forward to embracing this change and continuing to provide the help and support that has helped so many of our members.

More details will be available at the ACAD Regionals starting this Wednesday in Cardiff.

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