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We are pleased to announce we are hosting a Low Value Dispute Adjudication Webinar on Wednesday 18 November at 10:30am. 

Adjudication in construction was first introduced in 1996 as a means to provide quick resolution to construction disputed. The aim was to provide a low cost method of dispute resolution that would free up cash flow to contractors and subcontractors.

Initially aimed at simple disputes, the procedure has grown to encompass more complex and high value claims and with it a rise in the cost of adjudication.

The CIC, and other adjudication providers, recognised the apparent reluctance of parties to take matters to adjudication because of these rising costs and have introduced a Low Value Dispute (LVD) procedure.

  • This webinar will cover:
    • Brief history of adjudication
    • Points to be aware of when considering adjudication
    • Points to note before issuing the Referral
    • LVD procedures and requirement

Please register your attendance with Lynne Lambe.

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