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Licensed Asbestos Training Update

With Covid-19 restrictions easing across the UK, classroom-based training is resuming throughout the UK construction industry.  However, with the application of modern technology that we have all been pushed to adopt, the old default situation of classroom only based training delivery has been enhanced to a blended learning concept, pushing the construction sector to follow in the footsteps of other’s.

Clearly classroom and practical training facilities are essential particularly for those new starters in the industry or those looking to advance up the career ladder.  HSE also rightly talk about the need for practical refresher training where an individual’s training needs dictate.

On the thermal side of the organisation here at TICA-ACAD, where we have an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual on site, this adoption of blended learning is proceeding at pace in common with virtually every other training provider and FE college in the UK.  For ACAD, this is equally true.  We are now delivering new courses through classroom training, but we are also reviewing how these can be broken down into classroom and remote delivery to deliver the more efficient training experience to fit the CLC’s Roadmap to Recovery.

Refresher training continues to be delivered remotely for the vast majority of delegates where they do not have practical training needs and who do have access to the minimum specification of equipment that has been identified as necessary to access the full training experience.

With the full range of Licensed and Non-Licensed refresher courses available through ACAD every week, it’s never been so easy to access ACAD training and for members, they can take advantage of our reduced price remote training for only £120 plus VAT.

In addition, some new courses that do not require hands-on practical activities continue to be delivered.  This includes the 1-day Risk Assessment, Plan of Work & Air Management course which is now delivered across two consecutive mornings to avoid “zoom-fatigue”.  Our next course being the 20th and 21st July for our same great price of just £120 plus VAT.

The Roadmap to Recovery talks at length about the need to reduce costs, reduce our environmental impact and simultaneously increase efficiency.

The Asbestos industry is certainly hitting all these markers through the adoption of remote training delivery.

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