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Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has caused so many things to stop, the certainty of Licence expiry dates means renewals continue to appear on the horizon for many.

HSE are now using version 7 of their application form.  This latest version has been split into two documents.  The first is the condensed question set and the second is a welcome new guidance document detailing HSE evidence expectations for each section.

Given the remote electronic nature of renewals then these should generally be able to proceed close to normal, but with some minor tweaks and some emerging issues.


With so many businesses not operating normally, HSE are more reliant on email addresses for communication with individual Licence holders.  If you have changed your email address recently or perhaps your previous renewal was through an ex-employee then you should ensure the ALU have your current, correct email address.

Extending Renewal Invitations

When the situation allows, it’s crucial we are all in a position to rapidly return to normal.  To help aid this, HSE are likely to increase their renewal invitations from four months before expiry to five or perhaps six months.  This positive step will help smooth out the renewal process and avoid a bottle neck situation of many contractors trying to renew in a short space of time with the inevitable impact on reviving commercial activity.

Application & Evidence Production

In many cases the Asbestos technically competent people within a business rely on others for IT support in their office.  Whilst not an issue in normal times, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of these key people to be furloughed or to work from home meaning they are not on hand to assist.  Current understanding is that an employer can bring people out of furlough for a period of time providing your claims for an individual are each of at least three weeks duration.  This would allow you to have the right staff available to help get your application completed and submitted.  But don’t forget you need to ensure you follow social distancing measures.

The new approach to Licence renewals does impact on people’s time so it’s a positive step that HSE are increasing the invitation period which will allow more organisations to take advantage of these quieter times to pull their application together and submitted.  If your renewal is due in the remainder of 2020, I encourage you to read through our Licence renewal special edition of ACADemy from late 2019, the relevant part can be found via this link:

If you feel you will need some additional support or guidance please take the time to look at the services ACAD offers via this next link.  If you decide on one of these options it’s worth doing so sooner rather than later to maximise the impact of any required support:

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