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TICA is delighted to be working with Jim Brydon who is rapidly becoming our resident Commercial Contracts ‘goto’ for help and expertise.

Jim is contracted by TICA on a consultancy basis to advise members on specific commercial matters which may have arisen within their day to day business activities. We are also engaging with Jim to provide webinars on a variety of contractual related topics and hope that we can slowly ‘feed’ more general information and advice to members through this medium.

The more issues we can advise on, the more we can tailor our support package in the months to come to provide exactly the help and support that our members need.

Matters relating to legal contracts can be bespoke and detailed. Until we can gauge exactly what demand we have from members for this service, we will continue to take each individual case on it’s merit. Initial advice and guidance will be free but depending on the direction and complexity of each case, we reserve the right to define at the start  how far each case can be taken on an FOC basis and at what point members would need to decide if they wished to continue with the service on a fee paying basis.

Jim is also happy to engage with members directly for any generic day to day commercial work that members may wish to seek assistance and sub-contract.

Should you require assistance on any of these  issues, Jim will be happy to discuss your requirements directly with you, please email

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