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European Apprentice Championship


European Apprentice Championship

The Championship took place in the central arena of the annual Insulation Expo Europe (IEX) trade fair, the 12 teams, representing all the European Thermal Insulation training programmes, were provided with a generic specification prior to the contest.

The UK team representing TICA was made up of Jordan Harding of Western Thermal Ltd and Derrick (Del) Rodger of Altrad Hertel UK – both of whom had competed in our UK Apprentice Final of the year competition and achieved UK Apprentice Champions prior to competing for TICA at European level.

Preparing for the competition together at the TICA Training Centre, Jordan and Del developed an instant understanding of each other and quickly developed a close working relationship. Under the expert eye their coach, they produced extremely high quality workmanship and were eventually rewarded with 4th place overall. This was the highest the UK team has ever achieved and they are, naturally, very proud of themselves, as is all of the UK Thermal Insulation industry!

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