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‘The Biggest Threat To Apprenticeship Delivery Is Lack Of Employer Engagement’ –  TICA 2019

As our 2019  apprenticeship inductions are due to start again in September, we would like to make you aware of some important changes regarding required and mandatory employer engagement.

If you have an apprentice scheduled for induction from September onwards, you will very shortly be receiving notification of a web-based meeting from our Apprenticeship Team Administrator – Louise Peacock.

A link will be sent for you to use from your computer or smart phone and we will need to share our screen with you for a short Employer Induction Meeting

The induction will start with an overview of what will be covered in the apprenticeship curriculum – either Level 2 or Level 3, looking at the functional skills (FS) requirements (if any) of the candidate – if FS are required, how will that be delivered, and what additional commitments will this require from both the candidate and the employer.

During this web-based meeting:

  • You will be given details of the apprentice timetable for college attendance for the coming ten months
  • You will be given the timetable of planned reviews for your apprentice(s) for at least the next six months
  • You will be provided with an overview of the mandatory activities that you will be required to complete, as an apprentice employer, throughout the duration of the learner journey, these activities include:
      • Signing off apprentice reviews
      • Completing employer comments on time
      • Complying with timetable and resource requirements
      • Giving a commitment to ensure that the candidate attends all college and review dates
      • Information on how to cancel and reschedule review/college dates due to any unforeseen circumstances
      • Links and pointers regarding the mandatory ‘off the job’ training, which must be completed by all apprentices whilst at work

These short inductions will also give you the opportunity to ask any further questions.

The meeting should be scheduled with the most relevant personnel in your organisation who will have day to day authority over the apprentice and who will be closest to the candidate during his or her learning journey, this could be 1 or 2 people.

If you have a candidate registered for an induction from September 2019 onwards, please look out for a meeting request from Louise Peacock and ensure that a suitable date and time is scheduled in with the appropriate employer contact(s).

No apprentice will be allowed to attend an induction group without a prior induction of their employer the week before.We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation with our apprentice programme.

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