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At the start of the Covid 19 pandemic,  Construction Leadership Council (CLC) produced Site Operating Procedures (SOP). This set of guidelines allowed for safe working on site in light of the threat posed to us all by Covid-19. 

The challenge faced right now in the depths of Winter and with the new variant of Covid-19 to guard against is clear.  Yesterday saw 62,322 people test positive, 3,179 were admitted to our hospitals and sadly 1,041 deaths were recorded.  The double peak graphs for winter show that the new, more contagious, variant of covid-19 (known as B.1.1.7) is spreading more rapidly through growing areas of the UK and sadly, these numbers will remain uncomfortably high for a number of weeks.

The Prime Minister  has continued to make explicit reference to our industry remaining operational in his latest broadcasts and statements and the Construction Industry is due to update the  SOP this week to reflect the latest guidance.  However, given the highly virulent nature of the new covid-19 strain, TICA ACAD are aware that this situation is being continually assessed with Government asking HSE about transmission on site as of this week.  Therefore the continuation or otherwise of the UK Construction Industry during this latest lockdown is fragile.  If we cannot maintain an effective level of operational activity without an increase in site transmission then we believe our sector will be under significant pressure to halt activity in some areas for a period of time in the coming weeks.

Given the severity of the unfolding situation this Winter, our message to our members today is clear.  Whilst work currently can continue on site, it is imperative that you do a root and branch review of your Covid-19 Risk Assessment in the light of this new variant to ensure your controls are sufficiently robust but more importantly being fully implemented and adhered to.

Toolbox talks in whatever format is available to you should be delivered regularly to all site teams and you should frequently audit compliance to ensure your controls are being followed on site and in your offices.  A degree of success during 2020 will not afford our sector to have any tiny degree of complacency during this critical winter period.  The next two months will be a difficult period for all sectors but will pose very specific challenges for construction.

The supply chain through Construction Leadership Council is being asked to show discipline and lead by example.  If your supply chain makes any requests or statements to your organisation that you do not believe to be fair and appropriate in this very specific period, then we want to hear from you.  We will report and deal appropriately and discretely through our federation channels any significant issues that you wish to raise whilst protecting the identity of our members.

TICA-ACAD will continue to bring you the latest information and respond quickly and collectively to issues as they arise.  The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Task Force will be meeting twice a week for the foreseeable future, and we have a direct line into both Government and the CBI alongside our joint memberships of Build UK.

Should you have any concerns or queries over the coming days and weeks, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at TICA ACAD via

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