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Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

The Government has published its COVID‐19 Recovery Strategy which sets out the plan to ‘return life to as close to normal as possible, for as many people as possible, as fast and fairly as possible… in a way that avoids a new epidemic, minimises lives lost and maximises health, economic and social outcomes’.

Whilst the first consideration is the nation’s health, there is also the need for a strong economy which protects people’s jobs and ensures that the Government can fund the country’s vital public services.

TICA Chief Executive Marion Marsland commented “Whilst operational activity remains varied across devolved nations, activity amongst thermal insulation contractors continues to rise in line with construction across the whole of the UK.  We are aware that our employer members are taking all available measures to assure the safety and wellbeing of their employees and TICA will continue to support employers as the situation progresses into the summer months”.

The plan is for restrictions to be lifted step by step and the following will apply in England as part of step one from Wednesday 13 May 2020:

  • Workers should continue to work from home wherever possible
      • Obviously not practical for site teams
  • All workers that cannot work from home, including those in construction, should travel to work if their workplace is open
      • More and more sites are opening, Build UK reported last week that over 80% of infrastructure and construction projects are now running
  • Workplaces should follow the new guidance on Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID‐19) which has been published for a range of working environments, including construction and working in people’s homes.  The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) will review the Site Operating Procedures (version 3) to ensure they are fully consistent with the new guidance.
      • Any changes will be communicated by TICA.

Public transport should be avoided wherever possible.  Where it is used, the following Government advice is applicable: ‘If you can, wear a face covering in an enclosed space where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet’

There is no clear guidance from the Government or Public Health England on the use of face masks by construction workers; however, information on PPE and face coverings is included in section 6 of the construction guidance.

With construction workers being ‘actively encouraged’ to go to work, the Open Doors website has more than 340 accommodation providers offering over 22,000 beds across the UK and Ireland for anyone working away from home who needs local accommodation.


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