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TICA will be doing our utmost to provide members with the information they need to do business once the UK is outside of the single market and customs union from 1 January 2021. There is currently limited detail available on some of the issues that will affect construction, and we are working closely with the Government through the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) to minimise any impact on the delivery of projects.

In order to minimise any disruption, businesses can use the Government’s checker tool which will set out exactly what they need to do. There is also a free construction webinar on Wednesday 28 October at 11:00am, which will provide sector‐specific information on the actions businesses in construction should take.

The CLC is publishing guidance on a range of Brexit‐related issues over the coming weeks, and the first documents will include Guidance on the New Immigration System which will require businesses to become a licensed sponsor if they wish to employ workers from outside the UK (excluding Irish citizens) from 1 January 2021. The application process is expected to take around eight weeks, so businesses need to start now.

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