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HSE are making change to the ASB5 and NNLW notification process.  The big change being you will no longer receive an emailed copy of the notification from tomorrow afternoon.

The changes to the ASB5 system are as follows:

  1. A pdf copy of notifications will be available immediately on submission of the form, instead of the automated email.  YOU MUST DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY.
  2. They will be able to amend the Site Address field on the ASB
  3. The text boxes now contain a counter and a progress bar
HSE are planning on changing the ASB5 system between 2pm and 3pm tomorrow.  The system is expected to be down for around an hour while the switchover takes place. Like all things IT though glitches can occur. As such if you have any notifications that need to be submitted before the weekend it may be prudent to do so a little earlier just in case…

In addition to the ASB5 system the NNLW system is changing this afternoon. This will see a new option to tick the ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) in the section “which authority is responsible for inspecting the work”. Again this system is likely to be down for a short while.

Both forms will be available via new links on the HSE Website Forms page. You will likely have bookmarked the current forms on your web browser, here are the new links to replace these but please note they won’t be live until the switchovers.

ACAD would love to hear from members how the new forms function, get in touch and let us know?

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