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ACAD caught up with ARG Director Chris Blair to ask him why he has sent two of his London based operatives all the way to Darlington to put them through the CITB funded Specialist Apprenticeship Programme.

How would you sum up the CITB funded Specialist Apprenticeship
Programme and Apprentice of the Year award?

The ACAD Apprenticeship Awards enable exceptional apprentices and dedicated employers to receive the recognition they richly deserve. Apprenticeships enable people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed within their workplace.

ACAD recognised joint winners of the Apprentice of the Year for the
first time since its inception. Tell us about your two winners?

Karl Kelly joined ARG March 2017 as an Asbestos trainee operative. We met Karl whilst carrying out an asbestos removal project on a school. He expressed an interest in what we were doing and then approached the company to see if we had any vacancies. We offered Karl the apprenticeship position as we believed this was the best opportunity for both Karl and the company to train and develop him through a structured training scheme.

Michael Kasajja joined ARG in January 2016 as a storeman, I was impressed by his work effort and desire to progress further into the business. We discussed the opportunity of him developing his role into that of an asbestos operative within the company through the ACAD Specialist apprenticeship scheme, which he welcomed the opportunity and applied himself openly and diligently to the course.

Being shortlisted for the apprentice of the year is quite an achievement
let alone winning it, you must be proud of Karl and Michael?

The results speak for themselves and I am so pleased they have received the recognition
duly deserved for the time and effort put in.

How does the SAP differ from the traditional 3-day new operative and
annual refresher approach?

We were so pleased with the results of the SAP from day one as both Michael and Karl developed various skills and
abilities and applied these to their works. Their ongoing development as they progressed through the training was visible in the results and constant positive feedback from the Supervisors that wanted them on their team, when they realised the standards these two could achieve in their day to day works.

What would you say to others in the industry about the SAP?

I would recommend any Contractor to consider this course as I am sure they will see the benefits in quality and performance of their operatives in their day to day works which has had nothing but a positive effect on the performance of the business overall.

The Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) is for new starters in the Licensed Asbestos industry who:

  • have no previous construction apprenticeship
  • are employed full time
  • have less than a year’s experience
  • are of any age

This is fully funded by CITB for ACAD members who are CITB levy payers.

Find out more about SAP.

Get in touch if you have any queries, or would like to enrol.

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