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ACAD Launch App To Support Asbestos Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has propelled us all into an uncertain future and accelerated the pace of change throughout many sectors including the Asbestos Industry.

With the CLC publishing the Roadmap to Recovery to Restart, Reset and Reinvent the UK Construction sector, it is clear we are all going to have to do more, with less.

That means smarter, more efficient working practices need to be identified and implemented widely to help provide a positive future for all.

As the not for profit trade association with a central aim of working to raise standards throughout the Asbestos Industry, ACAD is always looking for new ways to support our growing membership and the ongoing impact from the Covid-19 pandemic has meant this is more important than ever.

Technology is one area that ACAD has seized upon through the remote delivery of Licensed Asbestos training courses we provide, remote site auditing, NVQ assessment via Smart Assessor and ACAD regional meetings delivered through interactive webinars.

Technology driven efficiencies have also long been recognised by those ACAD members who have been at the forefront of the integration of technology into the Asbestos industry including Assure360 and Root5.

Their commercial systems are used by many Licence holders and continue to be developed to offer great support as we work through the pandemic.

Nick Garland, Assure360’s designer, “Due to its core design which gives support for social distancing, increased remote management, wipe clean paperwork, zero admin time etc… our Paperless App specifically helps so much with the problems COVID has thrown at us, but don’t take my word for it – read what Greenair have to say. The 360 Paperless solution is available for a free trial to anyone that wants to try it out.”

Peter Moon, Tracker; “Digital site management offers a perfect way of managing social distancing on site and in the office. The added benefits of Tracker, including zero admin time, performance updates, one click job reports, etc. will help your business will run more efficiently.  We were happy to help our customers during lockdown so they did not have to pay for mobile licences. If you would like to see what Tracker can offer your business, you can trial Tracker at zero cost”.

Many Licence holders though still rely on hard copy site paperwork, which clearly poses a risk to their operation and the overall performance of the Asbestos industry.

To help our growing membership and the wider Asbestos industry establish a base level IT proficiency, ACAD has launched the ACAD Asbestos Industry app on Android.

Graham Warren, ACAD Manager commented “Smartphones are now a standard piece of kit in pretty much every hand in the land, each loaded up with numerous apps that we increasingly rely upon.  We have long planned the development of an app to support members but the Covid-19 pandemic pushed us to accelerate development through lockdown to bring the launch date of the beta version forward to ensure members benefit from this as soon as possible.  People who download this test version are encouraged to report any issues or ideas for development to help make this a great supportive tool for all”.

With the early release of the ACAD Asbestos Industry App, many features are still to be finalised but this offers a base level functionality for essential site operations including an enclosure daily check template alongside the vital supervisor handover form.  Taking the handover form as an example, the app allows for the capture of all the standard information by the supervisor who then simply adds email addresses for them and the analyst to receive copies of the completed form.  The result being near instant communication of essential site paperwork with a potential Covid-19 transmission route closed.

Alongside the efficiency boost offered by the creation of standard forms for those standard tasks undertaken by Licence holders, the app also boasts ACAD’s Technical Reference Library, hosts the latest industry news and allows ACAD members to request technical support in an instant.

Graham Warren went on to say “ACAD is all about working with our members and the wider industry to raise standards, remove obstacles and encourage the positive development of the Asbestos industry.  ACAD has often led the way in recent years including membership of NSCC & Build UK, delivery of NVQ and the Asbestos Industries first CSCS affiliated card scheme.  This app marks yet another positive step forward by ACAD as we all work to restart, reset and reinvent the Asbestos industry”.

The ACAD Asbestos Industry App also boasts an enviable set of useful tools and calculators.  Examples include a handy NPU reduction calculator for supervisors, allowing them to check the implication of adjustments to roving head and exhaust duct configurations.  An Anemometer Calculator to eliminate hand written maths prone to errors on site.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance being the Air Management planning sheet allowing for in-depth air management planning for even the most complex enclosure configuration.  Extract and intake balancing and the ability to handle any number of NPU configurations, it’s all you’ll ever need…

Got a smart phone? Get the ACAD Asbestos Industry App…

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