2017 Sees Big Changes to Qualifications AND Funding

Training From September 2017, for England only, TICA will deliver apprenticeships at both Levels 2 and 3 on a standard – moving away from our current framework. All English candidates will follow the standard, and will complete their apprenticeship with an End Point Assessment (EPA) which will be overseen by an independent EPA organisation. The[read more]

Powertherm Placement

TICA apprentice, John Francis is currently on a four month placement with Powertherm Contract Services. "On arrival at Powertherm I was paired up with ‘Wally’ Glynn; we've worked together everyday since and had a great time.  The jobs have been interesting, but also frustrating due to the size of the spaces we have had to work in. We also had[read more]

Apprentice Levy and How to Register

Apprenticeships and how they are funded are changing fundamentally in 2017. Levy Paying Employers (ie those with a monthly payroll of over £3m) Levy-paying employers are now able to register to access their apprenticeship service levy account. Following registration you will be required to sign a contract with the apprenticeship service. [read more]

L3 Thermal Insulation Technician Apprentice Standard

TICA has developed the L3 Thermal Insulation Technician Apprentice Standard for English apprentices, in compliance with Government requirements. This qualification (which will replace the apprentice framework in England) has been created by our Trailblazer Employer Group and is designed to meet the future needs of the Thermal Insulation industry[read more]

Moving on to Powertherm

Following on from my time at JS Millers I returned to college at the training centre in Darlington. On arrival I found out my week would consist of an Armacell course lasting for four days, where I'd learn about the different ways of turning Armaflex into thermal insulation to fit a wide range of pipes, fittings, flanges and valves on site. T[read more]

After my time in London

2 December 2016 - After my time in London After my time in London I've moved on to a job in Leeds' Central Square, with Phil Glover - a long standing Miller employee. The job was in the basement of a swanky new hi-tech building. The metal job in the boiler room had its difficulties as there was work in there that I hadn't done much of, especi[read more]

Moving on to Miller's

11 November 2016 - Moving on to Miller's John attended TICA's AGM at York in September. After my time with Western Thermal I went back to TICA House; completing more of my workbook and having my Tech Cert objectives left to complete. During this training block I developed and produced flange/valve boxes, which I have also fitted onsite. I [read more]

Back at the National Training Centre

22 July 2016 - Back at the National Training Centre John Francis is back at the National Training Centre for a two week stint – all part of his TICA Apprenticeship. Following placements at Linear Insulation Ltd in Nottingham and Gateshead’s Gads Insulation Services Ltd, John’s spent the past four months working on the new Ak[read more]

Practice makes perfect

20 May 2016 - Practice makes perfect Throughout this week I have been doing the same things as usual in terms of lagging and metaling the pipework. I have been working with all of the team around the site, as well as working on my own. As the weeks have gone on the work has become tougher and more complicated. I’ve been cutting out f[read more]

Steady Away for John

6 May 2016 - Steady Away for John It’s been a time of consolidation for TICA Apprentice, John Francis as he takes on tasks he’s now comfortable with completing. “I was assisting the supervisor on a stripping job where the vessel had to be stripped and the insulation and metal taken off so that a probe could be attached to th[read more]