Looking for an Apprenticeship in Thermal Insulation?

Looking for an Apprenticeship in Thermal Insulation?

We have a number of opportunities for Thermal Insulation Apprentices to join our member companies.

The successful candidates will gain a variety of niche skills, including pipework, vessel and ductwork, insulation and cladding within the thermal insulation industry, working locally and away from home.

The apprenticeship training programme can last up to 2 years with a mixture of learning ‘on the job’ and also at the training centre. The National Training Centre for the apprenticeship is based in Darlington, in the North East of England.

Successful candidates will be required to attend the training centre for 2 week blocks approximately every 3 months, working onsite in between visits. Candidates complete approx. 15-21 weeks at the centre in Darlington, over the length of the apprenticeship.

Lodging away from home will be required during this time.

The successful candidates will have training provided as part of the apprenticeship from the National Training Centre in Darlington, as well as being complimented by training ‘on the job’.

To apply, please complete and return the Application Form to training@tica-acad.co.uk 

Current Vacancies 

Company NameLocationNumber of Vacancies
Driscoll InsulationBurton Upon Trent 1
Eco ThermalLondon1
Price Building ServicesLondon2
Denco ThermalLondon2
Western ThermalHounslow2
Green Contract Services LtdBristol1
E&P Insulation LtdStow Market1
Gill InsulationIpswich2
JS MillerLeeds1
Gill InsulationNottingham1